About MA-NET


Media arts network [MA-NET] exists to raise the profile of media arts practice through disseminating information, providing networking opportunities for its members and creating collaborative creative opportunities.

MA-NET is a consortium of members who work in organisations, companies and educational institutes with a geographic spread across Cumbria, Lancaster, Liverpool and Manchester.

our objectives are:

  • To enhance and instigate media arts activities across the North West, England.
  • To inform and consult with agencies, regionally, nationally and internationally on their media arts strategies.
  • To act as an advocate for media arts in the North West and beyond.
  • To encourage debate and public discourse around media arts.
  • To increase access to and understanding of media arts in the North West to audiences, agencies and media art practitioners, regionally, nationally and internationally.
  • To develop partnerships and consortia to address regional gaps in media arts provision by sharing specialist expertise and resources.

MA-NET reinforces the North West as a locale for media arts excellence and acknowledges the importance and benefits of being affiliated with a network. There are many recent and ongoing initiatives capitalising on media arts and is a strong collaborative ethos in the North West in order to improve, invest and sustain the future of media arts.

In a climate where numerous media art boards and agencies have been terminated across the world (i.e. Worldwide Video Festival and CICV: Centre Internationale de Videa Creation), it is crucial that ma-net continues to work together, to identify and act upon both strengths and weaknesses within media arts, regionally, nationally and internationally.

Previous Projects supported by MA-NET include:

*Futureeverything CU exhibition see FE website for details and YouTube.

*Futureeverything Art and Media in conversation event see FE website for details

*GTV, a partnership between Grizedale Arts and LJMU/Liverpool School of Art and Design. 

A series of web projects that looks at the uses of the web as a complex platform for the dissemination of ideas, replacing the dominant modes of art as spectacle and experience, in favour of the idea of art as knowledge production and dispersed social structure. See Grizedale Arts website for details. 

*Situations and Collaboration between Second Life and Consensual Landscapes and Scenarios

A collaborative project between University of Salford, folly and ICDC. See the project website for further details.

This project brings the resources and expertise of three partner MaNet Institutions together; Liverpool ICDC, Folly Lancaster and Salford University, to undertake collaborative research into the possible assimilation of, and between, virtual online communities and the built and human environment. This is a mixed realities research project that will address the current virtual community developments and needs such as Second Life. The three partner investigators will establish a networked Second Life environment in the North West to make feasibility test and prototype practice based research experiments between the Lancaster, Liverpool, Manchester triangle.